Seminar and Invited Talks

Privacy-Preserving Algorithms for Decentralized Collaborative Machine Learning

Seminar at Inria Sequel, Inria Multispeech, Naver Labs Europe and Alan Turing Institute, 2017-2018.
Invited talk at the 2nd Russian-French Workshop in Big Data and Applications, 2017.
Invited talk at the EPFL-Inria Workshop, 2018.

A Decentralized and Robust Protocol for Private Averaging over Highly Distributed Data

Seminar at CRIStAL Lille (DaTinG department day), 2017.
Invited talk at the DALI 2017 Workshop on Fairness and Privacy in Machine Learning, 2017.

Decentralized Estimation and Optimization of Pairwise Functions

Seminar at SIGMA (Centrale Lille), 2017.

Decentralized Collaborative Learning of Personalized Models over Networks

Seminar at Inria Magnet and LPD Lab - EPFL, 2016-2017.
Invited talk at the Workshop on Distributed Machine Learning (Télécom ParisTech), 2016.
Invited talk at the Journée Apprentissage et Interactions du GdR IA (UPMC), 2017.

U-Statistics in Machine Learning: Large-Scale Minimization and Decentralized Estimation

Seminar at EURA NOVA, Inria Magnet, LaHC Saint-Étienne and Proba/Stat Lille, 2016-2017.

Metric Learning for Large-Scale Data

Seminar Statistical Machine Learning (SMILE) in Paris, 2016.

Similarity and Distance Metric Learning with Applications to Computer Vision

Tutorial at ECML/PKDD 2015 (with Matthieu Cord), 2015.
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Scaling-up Empirical Risk Minimization: Optimization of Incomplete U-statistics

Invited talk at the International Workshop on Machine learning, Optimization and Big Data (MOD 2015), 2015.

Large-Scale Similarity and Distance Metric Learning

Seminar at Criteo Labs Paris and Inria Magnet, 2015-2016.

The Frank-Wolfe Algorithm: Recent Results and Applications to High-Dimensional Similarity Learning and Distributed Optimization

Seminar at LIP6 UPMC, LaHC Saint-Étienne, Heudiasyc Compiègne, LIF Marseille, Inria Magnet, LIG Grenoble, CEREMADE Paris Dauphine, IMT Toulouse, LRI Inria/Paris Sud, AgroParisTech, Séminaire Parisien de Statistique and ENS/Inria Paris, 2014-2015.
Invited talk at ICML 2015 workshop "Greed is Great", 2015.

Metric Learning (and incidentally some distributed optimization)

Seminar at LTCI Télécom ParisTech, 2014.

Tutorial on Metric Learning

Course / tutorial at the Université Catholique de Louvain for the CIL Doctoral School, 2013.

Supervised Metric Learning with Generalization Guarantees

Seminar at Machine Learning Group Louvain, ENS/Inria Paris, LIRIS Lyon, LITIS Rouen, LIG Grenoble and USC Machine Learning, 2012-2013.