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We are always looking for good students, postdocs and engineers! Check out this page for information on some open positions in the team.


  • Batiste Le Bars (2021-, co-supervised with M. Tommasi)
  • Mohamed Maouche (2019-, co-supervised with M. Tommasi and E. Vincent)
  • Melissa Ailem (2017-2018, Inria@SiliconValley fellowship, co-supervised with P. Denis, F. Sha and M. Tommasi)

PhD students

  • Edwige Cyffers (2021-)
  • Jean-Remy Conti (2021-, CIFRE thesis with IDEMIA, co-supervised with S. Clémençon)
  • Gaurav Maheshwari (2020-, co-supervised with P. Denis)
  • Paul Mangold (2020-, co-supervised with M. Tommasi and J. Salmon)
  • Mahsa Asadi (2018-, co-supervised with M. Tommasi)
  • Brij Mohan Lal Srivastava (2018-, co-supervised with M. Tommasi and E. Vincent)
  • Mariana Vargas Vieyra (2018-, co-supervised with P. Denis)
  • Robin Vogel (2017-2020, CIFRE thesis with IDEMIA, co-supervised with S. Clémençon and A. Sabourin)


  • Yannick Bouillard (2020-2021, co-supervised with M. Tommasi)
  • William de Vazelhes (2017-2019, working on metric-learn)

Visiting PhD students

  • Ali Shahin Shamsabadi (2020-2021, Queen Mary University of London)
  • Tejas Kulkarni (2018, University of Warwick)
  • Valentina Zantedeschi (2018, University of Saint-Etienne)

Master interns

  • 2021: Maxence Noble-Bourillot (École Polytechnique)
  • 2020: Edwige Cyffers (ENS Lyon)
  • 2019: Paul Mangold (ENS Lyon)
  • 2018: Antoine Capriski (University of Lille), Arthur d'Azémar (University of Lille)
  • 2016: Thibault Liétard (ENS Rennes), Paul Vanhaesebrouck (École Polytechnique - best internship award), Pierre Dellenbach (École Polytechnique), Robin Vogel (ENSAE)
  • 2015: Maxime Flauder (ENS Paris)