Science Outreach

I have been involved in promoting public awareness and understanding of science, in particular issues related to AI, privacy and transparency.

  • Panel discussion on conflicts of interest and misinformation in AI research at the Séminaire Critique de l’Intelligence Artificielle (ENS Paris-Saclay) [link].
  • Interview on federated learning by CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) [link].
  • Panel discussion on the protection of voice data organized by Hub France IA [link].
  • Article on the automatic analysis of Grand Débat National in Le Monde's blog Binaire [link] and The Conversation [link].
  • Interview for an article about personal data collection in social networks and apps in Science et Vie junior magazine (n°370).
  • Interview for an article about federated learning in the Data Analytics Post [link].
  • Participation to a local radio show on algorithms, big data and privacy on Radio Dio [link].
  • Article on AI and transparency in the French daily newspaper Libération [link].
  • Scientific expertise for the short TV series Dopamine of the national channel Arte, which explains how popular apps get their users hooked while collecting their personal data [link].
  • Interview about AI during Fête de la Science (Cité des sciences, Paris) [link].

Media Coverage

My research has been featured in a number of articles, some of them are listed below.

  • Apprentissage fédéré : L'Inria lance un projet de R&D avec la Poste. Le Monde Informatique, December 2022 [link].
  • Magnet prescrit l'apprentissage fédéré aux établissements de santé. Inria, May 2022 [link].
  • Quelle démocratie à l'ère numérique ? ActuIA n°6, December 2021 - February 2022.
  • Privacy of hundreds of thousands of genetic volunteers may be at risk. New Scientist, February 2020 [link].