Marc Tommasi

Professor in Computer Science at Lille university. I am a member of CRIsTAL lab. I am the leader of the Magnet Team. Previously, I was a (founding) member of the Mostrare project team in INRIA Lille.

My research interests are machine learning, structured prediction for trees and graphs. I have also studied tree automata and set constraints.



  • Pamela (2016-2020): Personalized and decentrAlized MachinE Learning under constrAint
  • Lampada (2009-2013) : Learning Algorithms, Models and sPArse representations for structured DAta. (Scientific coordination)
  • Crotal (2007-2009) on conditional random fields for natural language.
  • Marmota (2005-2009) on statistical machine learning and tree structured data. (Scientific coordination)
  • ATASH (2006-2009) on document transformations
  • WebContent (2006-2009) on information extraction



TATA (Tree Automata Techniques and Applications) is an online-book on tree automata writen with H. Comon, M. Dauchet, R. Gilleron, F Jacquemard, Christof Löding, D. Lugiez et S. Tison.

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