Joachim Niehren

Joachim Niehren

Inria Lille, France

Head of the Inria Links project, part of the Mostrare team of the LIFL

Member of the BioComputing team of the LIFL


Current Research Activities

  • Algorithms for XML processing (Links). We are studying the expressiveness XML query languages and develop efficient algorithms for query answering. Our approaches are based on tree automata, computational logics, and database theory.
  • Query induction from annotated examples (Links). Motivated by applications in Web information extraction, we investigate learning algorithms for node selection queries represented by tree automata by methods from grammatical inference.
  • Stochastic programming languages for systems biology (BioComputing). We develop new programming languages for stochastic modeling and simulation of systems in molecular biology.


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  • XML processing: QuiX Tools (XPath, XSLT, XSchematron, XProc, XQuery)
  • Better queries for HAL: SmartHal

Curriculum Vitae