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Bandit Learning            cs    pitt

Fundamental Papers

[Lai et al, 1985] Asymptotically efficient adaptive allocation rules
[Auer et al, 2002] Finite-time Analysis of the Multiarmed Bandit Problem
[Agrawal et al, 2011] Analysis of Thompson Sampling for the multi-armed bandit problem
[Auer et al, 2002] The Nonstochastic Multiarmed Bandit Problem
[Bubeck et al, 2009] Pure Exploration in Multi-armed Bandits Problems
[Gittins, 1979] Bandit Processes and Dynamic Allocation Indices
[Srinivas et al, 2010] Gaussian Process Optimization in the Bandit Setting: No Regret and Experimental Design

Main Venues for the Bandit Papers

ICML workshop & challenge Exploration and Exploitation 3
NIPS workshop Bayesian optimization, experimental design and bandits
NIPS Neural Information Processing Systems
COLT Conference on Learning Theory
ALT Algorithmic Learning Theory
ICML International Conference on Machine Learning

All Bandit Papers

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