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2011 to 2014, Methods to reconstruct evolution

An annual 8 hour course in phylogenetic reconstructions using Bayesian methods. Master 1 degrees in "Paleontology", and "Ecology and Environment"; Lille 1 University (France).

2011 to 2014, Algorithms and applications

An annual 24 hour course in text algorithms and applications in bioinformatics. Master 1 degree in "Computer Science"; Lille 1 University (France).

2011 to 2014, Training courses in computer sciences

Supervising of around 1300 hours of internship students of Master 1 degree in "Computer Science" (Lille 1 University, France):

Project "MitoMer"

With Jérémy Fontaine et Mathias Oudin, we designed an application (C++, WEKA package) to produce taxonomic assignations for metagenomic data. Kmer frequencies, of references mitochondrial genomes as well as of metagenomic reads, are interpreted through the classification methods implemented into WEKA to produce assignations of the reads to the reference genomes.

Project "Virtuarium"

With Cyril Capilliez and Clément Boidin (2012), Yoann Bouquet and Lois Arens (2013), Yanis Nait-Abdelaziz and Quentin Fournier (2014), we designed an agent oriented application (C++) allowing to implement arbitrarily complex "species strategies" and "inter-species relationships". Altogether, the agents simulate a virtual ecosystem, which might help to reveal adaptation strategies, evolution of population sizes, population collapses, etc.

Project "AncBro"

With Thomas Clément (2011), Benoît-Charles Detuncq and Yannick Leroy (2012), we designed a graphic interface (JAVA, using Jalview) to help visualising a multi-sequence alignment together with a phylogenetic tree and a set of inferred ancestral sequences.

Project "SEL"

With Ismaël Souissi and Samuel Queniart (2012), we designed a web application (PhP, framework Synfony 2) allowing to create and manage "local exchange systems" (SEL).