Aggregate Queries: Workshop 2017

Inria Lille, June 15 09:15 --June 16 16h00

Inria Lille, Building A - Salle de Conseil - Park Plaza - Avenue Halley - Villeneuve d'Ascq. Métro Station: 4 Cantons.

Aggreg Project

The project Aggreg on Aggregate Queries is funded by the french research agency (ANR 2014-19). It studies a common problem in databases and artificial intelligence: given a data query (logical formula) and a database (a logical structure) the problem is to enumerate or aggregate the answer set of the query on the database. Aggregation can be used to compute statistics, as to reason about the provenance of database answers, or to answer queries on uncertain databases. The main question of the AGGREG project is when aggregation or enumeration problems can be solved efficiently.

Aggregate queries compute database statistics

Aggregate Queries


The workshop is organised by the Links group of Inria Lille and the laboratory Cristal of the University of Lille. The workshop will be for free but requires registration. If you are interested to join, please contact the organizers by email to .



Thursday, June 15

09h15-09h45 Welcome coffee
09h45-10h30 Pierre Bourhis: Introduction of  circuit from database queries
10h30-11h15 Jen Keppeler: Answering FO+MOD queries under updates on bounded degree databases
11h15-12h00 Antoine Amarilli: Enumeration of valuation of circuits
12h00-13h30 Lunch + Café
13h30-14h30 Jan Ramon: Question around IA
14h30-15h15 Ahmet Kara: Covers of Query Results
15h15-15h45 Break
15h45-16h30 Alexandre Vigny: Constant delay enumeration for FO queries over
databases with local bounded expansion

20h00 Dinner at Le Palermo

Friday, June 16

09h15-09h45 Coffee Welcome
09h45-10h30 Michel de Rougemont: Approximate integration of streaming graph edges
10h30-11h15 Florent Cappelli: Understanding the complexity of #SAT using knowledge compilation
11h15-11h45 Yann Strozecki: Enumerating maximal solutions of saturation problems
12h00 Lunch
14h00 Discussion libre
16h00 End


How to get to the Restaurant

We will be at the restaurant Palermo, 148, Rue de Paris, at 20:00. In order to get to there, get out of the metro at station Lille Flandres and then follow the directions to Le Palermo.


Registration is for free but required: by email to .