Luce Brotcorne

INRIA Senior researcher

Research Interest

My research work is mainly concerned with the study of bilevel programs, optimization problems with variational constraints, for which I proposed both exact algorithms and powerful heuristic procedures based on the particular structures of the problem.

In particular I have studied pricing problems (revenue management ) on networks.

Bilevel pricing problems (Stackelbeg games) allow to integrate explicitedly the behaviour of the consumer inside the revenue maximization objective of a company. From an economical point of view these models are offer-demand equilibrium models where the demand function results from the solution of a mathematical program.

Applications in the transportation, telecommunication and energy field are under study.

Since 2015, I am the Team Leader of the INRIA Team INOCS: Integrated optimization with complex structure.


E - Mail : luce(dot)brotcorne(at)inria(dot)fr

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