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Team Change

written by Tony Ducrocq on January 23, 2012, at 16:35 PM

The Pops project team no longer exists but the FUN team takes it place, headed by Nathalie Mitton.

IEEE MASS 2010 Best Demo Award

written by Tony Ducrocq on January 18, 2011, at 03:47 PM

We received the Best Demo Award for our demo called Large scale geolocalization and routing experimentation with the SensLAB testbed. You can download the pdf here

PhD student

written by Tony Ducrocq on December 06, 2010, at 04:50 PM

I just took my position as PhD student in the POPS team. Towards a mixte architecture between RFID and sensor networks directed by David Simplot-Ryl and co-directed by Nathalie Mitton and MichaŽl Hauspie. My thesis is supported by the ANR ECOTECH project : Bin That Thinks.