A. Polyakov

Researcher at Valse team,
Inira Lille-Nord Europe
   and CRIStAL CNRS UMR 9189

Phone: +33 3 59 57 78 02    


My CV: donwload

Research Fields:
  • Generalized Homogeneity in Systems and Control
  • Non-Asymptotic Control and Estimation (Finite-time, Fixed-time, Hyper-Exponential Algorithms)
  • Robust and Non-Linear Control (Sliding Mode and Relay Control Systems, Polynomial Feedbacks)
  • Set-Theoretic Methods in Robust Control (Ellipsoidal Methods, Interval Estimation)
  • Lyapunov Methods in Control and Estimation (Implicit and Non-Smooth Lyapunov Functions, ISS Analysis)
  • Active Control of Turbulent Flows (Drag Reduction)
  • Control of Mechanical Systems (Quadrotor, Unicycle, Two-Rotor and Pendulum Systems)
Patents: Software:
  • Homogeneous Control Systems Toolbox for MATLAB (web-page, zip, pdf,)
Publications: more than 200 publications, see Google Scholar

Slides of some my talks: