The project includes two frameworks. Hulotte framework provides a general approach to designing domain-specific component frameworks. The framework is base on the state-of-the-art technologies, combining Component-based Software Engineering and Model-Driven Engineering, and Code-Generation techniques.

Soleil framework is based on the Hulotte experience and apply it to the Real-time and Embedded Java applications. The basic goal of the framework is to alleviate Real-time Java system development through a systematic architecture design and automatic generation of real-time Java source code.

The frameworks are based on the Fractal Component Model, an academia and industry succesfull project with many years of experience in software engineering, supported by an extensive toolchain.

Keywords: Component Based Programming, Real-time Java, RTSJ, Model-Driven Engineering

For further information see the Soleil project home page.

Carmen Project

The goal of this project was to develop a software component model checking tool. The tool is able to verify a software component implementation against wide range of properties - e.g. deadlocks, unhandled exceptions or user defined properties. The feature that should be specially highlighted is ability to verify adherence of a component implementation to the component's behavior specification.

Keywords: Component Based Programming, Model Checking, Behavior Protocols, Java PathFinder, Fractal, Java Virtual Machine

For further information see the Carmen project home page.

Procasor Project

Specifying requirements is the first step in the process of designing a software system or a component. For the task of such specification use cases written in natural language are usually employed. However, textual use cases can not be used in reasoning on requirement specification or employing the use cases in deriving an initial design in an automated way. The Procasor project is harmonizing the creation of requirement specifications employing use cases with the creation of precise formal specifications of a software system or component.

Keywords: UML, Use-Cases, Component Based Programming, Behavior Specification

For further information see the Procasor project home page.

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