Wilfrid Perruquetti

Professor at Ecole Centrale de Lille

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Cite Scientifique, 59 651, Villneuve d'ascq Cedex, France

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Mail: wilfrid.perruquetti@ec-lille.fr

Non A project, INRIA Lille Nord Europe,
Park plaza, Bat. A 59 651, Villneuve d'ascq Cedex, France

Non A INRIA Team-project
Assistant:  Corinne Jamroz

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Mail: wilfrid.perruquetti@inria.fr

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Perruquetti, Wilfrid was born in 1968 in Saint Gilles, France. In 1991, he received a M.Sc. in Automatic Control and graduated from “Institut Industriel du Nord” (French “Grande Ecole”). In 1994, he obtained a Ph. D. in Automatic Control, then joined the “Ecole Centrale de Lille” (French “Grande Ecole”) as an Assistant Professor in 1995, where he is actually Full Professor (since 2003). He belongs to CRIStAL (CNRS) and to the Non-A project (INRIA Lille-Nord-Europe).

He has published more than 170 journal, book chapters and conference papers (64 journal papers, see Google scholar) and is co-editor with Jean-Pierre Barbot of the books “Sliding Mode Control in Engineering”, Marcel Dekker and “Chaos in Automatic control”, CRC Taylor & Francis.

He is currently working on stability analysis (including various kinds of stability concepts), stabilization (in particular finite-time stabilization), sliding mode control of nonlinear and delay systems, observation of state variables and parameters identification and more recently algebraic techniques for estimation and control. The main used mathematical tools are: analysis based on Lyapunov function technics (control Lyapunov function or the usual one) and algebra in Mikusinski field, Weyl algebra and differential algebra. His main fields of application concern robotics, in particular mobile robots (path planning, stabilization, coordination…), robotic manipulators (trajectory generation and control) and electrical actuators (DC motor, induction motor, stepper motor…).

He is permanent head of the INRIA project Non-A, vice-deputy of INS2I CNRS (INS2I “Information Sciences Institute and their Interactions” is one of the 10 institutes of the CNRS with about 58 labs, 11000 people) and was from (2007 – 2009) a representative of the French Ministry of Education and Research (DGRI), (2010 – 2014) scientific project manager at ANR (French national research agency). He is or was member of several councils and was involved in several IPC. He is currently member of several societies (IFAC, TC 1.3, 2.3, 2.5 and 9.2 (Chairman), SEE member).