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In the framework of the crossed seasons France - South Africa intiative to be held during 2012 and 2013, Inria and Stellenbosch university jointly propose workshops and tutorials dedicated to research and development of adhoc and wireless sensor networls for environmental and animal behabioural monitoring.

The first workshop will be held on August 30th and 31th at Stelenboch  University, South Africa while second workshop will be held in Summer 2013 at Inria Lille-Nord Europe, France.

Africa in general and South Africa in particular, present large landscapes with low density population and low infrastructure, where resources and life forms have to be monitored, such as water, wildlife and stock animals. However, due to the large areas concerned, continuous monitoring by personal observation, is not efficient and practical. 
To date relatively little is known about the ecology of smaller predators responsible for the bulk of human - wildlife conflict in Southern Africa. One of the greatest problems has been finding innovative ways to study these elusive animals in rugged and remote regions. The black-backed jackal is a specific cas in point. This research aims to provide technological tools enabling multidisciplinary researchers, such as conservationists, agriculturalists, communal farmers, and socio-economists to present possible solutions to this problem, which results in huge losses nationally. Notwithstanding the broader ecological, economic and social benefits for South Africans, research into predator ecology is also important internationally.

The type of research involved, also has wider application in the general advancement of communication technologies. 

It is from this perpective that Inria and Stellenbosch University are combining their skills to provide monitoring solutions based on sensor networks. 

Registration is free but mandatory. If you wish to attend, please contact Dr Riaan Wolhuter or Dr Nathalie Mitton 

Sponsors: Inria*Stellenbosch University
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