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Research in the framework of team SyNeR, group CO2

Systemes hybrides, Non lineaires Et a Retards


of the lab CRIStAL, CNRS UMR 9189 (INS2I)

Centre de Recherche en Informatique, Signal et Automatique de Lille

and the project-team INRIA NON-A (Lille North Europe)

NON-Asymptotic estimation for online systems



Main topic: theory and applications of time delay systems (see more details below).

Supervised PhDs: see publications



Time-Delay Systems theory:

Surveys: time-delay systems [RI/03/41], aperiodic sampling [RI/17/78]

Homogeneity for TDS: nonlinear homogeneity [RI/14/67][RI/16/72], finite time stabilty [RI/14/68][RI/16/72], Implicit Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functionals [RI/15/71]

Delay identification: identifiability [RI/02/33][OC/04/25], algebraic identification [RI/10/55][RI/09/53][CI/08/113][CI/07/108][CI/06/099][CI/06/101][CI/06/102], variable structure identification [RI/06/46][CI/04/086][RI/03/38]

Estimation / observation: interval observers [RI/13/63][RI/15/70][RI/16/78], output feedback with unknown input delays [RI/13/63][CI/07/109][CI/07/107][CI/06/097] or unknown input [RI/16/73][RI/11/58], algebraic estimation of multivariate derivatives [RI/11/59][CI/11/129]

Asynchronous sampling: survey [RI/16/77], state-dependent sampling [RI/15/69][RI/12/61][TH/12/27], nonlinear systems [RI/14/65][CI/12/143][CI/12/136], input delay approach [RI/04/44], hybrid systems / dissipativity approach [RI/14/65][RI/11/57][RI/13/65][TH/14/28]

Networked control / observation: variable delays, remote (predictive) observer for control [CO/08/28][CI/09/117][CI/08/115][CI/08/114][CI/06/1][TH/06/19]

Stability and stabilization of TDS: linear systems with sampling [RI/15/69][RI/11/56] or discrete/distributed delays [RI/99/24][RI/99/23]; nonlinear systems [TH/06/21][OC/97/19][RI/97/16], exponential stabilization [TH/06/19][CI/04/088], finite time stabilty [RI/14/68][RI/16/72], Implicit Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functionals [RI/15/71]

Neutral systems: interval techniques [RI/15/70], LKF aproach [RI/11/55] or positive systems [RI/98/20]

Positive systems and constrained control: positive comparison systems and vector norm approach [RI/95/12][RI/97/18][OC/03/24], Metzler matrices [RI/96/14]

Relay-delay systems : sliding mode under delay (LMI criteria) [RI/01/30][RI/03/37] and nonlinear extension [RI/06/45], deadzone and delay [RI/07/49]

Discretization and computational aspects: distributed delay realization (finite spectrum assignment) [CI/01/76][CI/99/059]


Applications :

Fluid mechanics: control of turbulent separated flows, closed loop sliding mode control via nonlinear time-delay models - applications to aeronautics and ground transportation in the framework of the ELSAT2020 program. Papers [RI/17/79][CI/16/161] and patent [PAT/17/1]. See also (in French)

Remote control over unreliable networks: using  non dedicated networks (Internet, Wifi) for bilateral teleoperation [RI/14/64][CI/12/137][CI/11/134][TH/12/26] and remote control [RI/12/60][TH/09/24][TH/06/19]

Collaborative robotics: wheeled robots (jointly with LIRMM and CRAN - Region Nord Pas de Calais) [CI/04/091]

Service robotics: evolutive autonomous wheelchair, European project Sysiass (see also communique de presse)

Aeronautics: identification of a flight model (jointly with ONERA) [TH/06/20][CI/06/7]

Image: multivariate differentiation for image processing [RI/11/59]

Transports : automated transportations (within GRAISyHM CPER) [RC/04/10]

Biology: meta-dynamics for population models [RI/07/48][CI/03/083][CI/02/077], molecular models (jointly with IRI - IBL) [TH/07/22]

Agri-food: spray boom pressure control [RI/07/49][CI/04/085][CI/05/093] (jointly with LAMP Leuven), mixing tank control (jointly with LAGIS and INRA) [CI/01/072][CI/03/084][RF/03/36]

Underactuated mechanics: inverted pendulum [RI/08/51][RI/08/52][TH08/23]


Ongoing projects and networks

H2020 UCoCoS: Understanding and Controling Complex Systems -

ANR Finite4SoS: Finite-time Control and Estimation for Systems of Systems -

CPER ELSAT2020, CONTRATECH project: interdisciplinary program on technologies for flow control -

other team's projects can be found at


Previous rechearches and projects:

InterReg SYSIASS: Autonomous and Intelligent Healthcare System -
Highly-complex and networked control systems -
European GDRi DelSys (2011-2015):
Time Delay Systems -
ADT SENSROB: Robotics and Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks - http://sensas.gforge.inria.frVolterra difference equations:
estimation of the solutions [RI/02/34], stability [RI/00/26] (collaboration V.B. Kolmanovskii, MIEM, Moscou)

Stability of nonlinear systems, positive systems: state-space transformations [OC/92/13], constrained stabilization [RI/96/15][RI/96/14], positive comparison systems and vector Lyapunov functions [OC/03/24], Metzler matrices [RI/96/14] (see extensions to delayed cases in [RI/13/63][RI/15/70])

Periodic systems: Floquet s transformation [RI/84/2] for optimal control [RI/91/06], robust control [RI/94/09]




General activites of the team SYNER AERES pdf1AERES pdf2AERES pdf3CNRS 2010


  • robust estimation and control of dynamical systems, i.e. differential equations and difference equations presenting various difficulties:

  • nonlinear phenomena (no superposition/separation property),

  • time-delay effects (differential-difference equations, with infinite dimension),

  • hybrid flow-and-jump behaviors (discrete/impulsive modes together with continuous states)

  • asynchronous sampling

  • finite-time convergence algorithms rooted in both the homogeneity concept (including sliding modes) and algebraic tools

  • interval observers


  • robotics & communication: networked/embedded/cyberphysical systems, Internet of things, handicap ;

  • fluid mechanics & micro/nano-technologies: boundary layer control ;

  • electrical engineering: power converters, sensorless control...

  • biology (‘living’ sensors)  

  • mathematics (homogeneity-based tools for control design, differential algebra)

See here for SYNER, there for CO2.