The most of my recent publications can be found and downloaded from Inria HAL, ResearchGate or Google Scholar


The list of selected publications:

  • Analysis and design of oscillations
    • Angeli D., Efimov D. Characterizations of Input-to-State Stability for Systems with Multiple Invariant Sets. IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, 60(12), 2015, pp. 3242−3256.
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    • Efimov D.V., Fradkov A.L. Oscillatority of Nonlinear  Systems with Static Feedback. SIAM Journal on Optimization and Control, 48(2), 2009, pp. 618−640.
  • Interval observers
    • Efimov D., Raïssi T., Chebotarev S., Zolghadri A. Interval State Observer for Nonlinear Time Varying Systems. Automatica, 49(1), 2013, pp. 200−205.
    • Efimov D., Raïssi T., Zolghadri A. Control of nonlinear and LPV systems: interval observer-based framework. IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, 58(3), 2013, pp. 773−782.
    • Efimov D., Fridman L.M., Raïssi T., Zolghadri A., Seydou R. Interval Estimation for LPV Systems Applying High Order Sliding Mode Techniques. Automatica, 48, 2012, pp. 2365−2371.
    • Raïssi T., Efimov D., Zolghadri A. Interval state estimation for a class of nonlinear systems. IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, 57(1), 2012, pp. 260−265.
  • Homogeneous systems
    • Efimov D., Perruquetti W., Richard J.-P. Development Of Homogeneity Concept For Time-Delay Systems. SIAM Journal on Optimization and Control, 52(3), 2014, pp. 1403−1808.
    • Bernuau E., Efimov D., Perruquetti W., Polyakov A. On Homogeneity and Its Application in Sliding Mode. International Journal of Franklin Institute, 351(4), 2014, pp. 1866–1901.
    • Bernuau E., Polyakov A., Efimov D., Perruquetti W. Verification of ISS, iISS and IOSS properties applying weighted homogeneity. Systems & Control Letters, 62(12), 2013, pp. 1159–1167.
  • Estimation
    • Bobtsov A.A., Efimov D., Pyrkin A.A., Zolghadri A. Switched Algorithm for Frequency Estimation with Noise Rejection. IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, 57(9), 2012, pp. 2400−2404.
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    • Efimov D., Fridman L. Global sliding-mode observer with adjusted gains for locally Lipschitz systems. Automatica, 47(3), 2011, pp. 565–570.
  • Stability and stabilization
    • Efimov D., Polyakov A., Fridman E., Perruquetti W., Richard J.-P. Comments on Finite-time Stability of Time-Delay Systems. Automatica, 50(7), 2014, pp. 1944–1947.
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  • Supervisory systems
    • Efimov D., Loria A., Panteley E. Robust output stabilization: Improving performance via supervisory control. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 21(10), 2011, pp. 1219–1236.
    • Efimov D.V. Uniting Global And Local Controllers Under Acting Disturbances. Automatica, 42, 2006, pp. 489–495.