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International Journals

  • M. Dauchet, S. Tison, and M. Tommasi. Recognizable tree languages and non-linear morphisms. Theoretical Computer Science, 281:219–234, 2002. Selected papers in honour of Maurice Nivat.
  • R. Gilleron, S. Tison, and M. Tommasi. Set constraints and automata. Information and Computation, 149:1 – 41,1999.
  • F. Seynhaeve, S. Tison, M. Tommasi, and R. Treinen. Grid structures and undecidable constraint theories. Theoretical Computer Science, 258:453–490, 2001.

Book Chapters

  • Isabelle Tellier and Marc Tommasi. Champs Markoviens Conditionnels pour l’extraction d’information. In Eric Gaussier and Francois Yvon, editors, Modèles probabilistes pour l’accès à l’information textuelle, pages 223–267. Hermès, 2011.

International conferences

  • Thomas Ricatte, Rémi Gilleron, Marc Tommasi. Hypernode Graphs for Spectral Learning on Binary Relations over Sets. In proceedings of ECML/PKDD 2014
  • David Chatel, Pascal Denis, Marc Tommasi. Fast Gaussian Pairwise Constrained Spectral Clustering. In proceedings of ECML/PKDD 2014.
  • Antonino Freno, Mikaela Keller, Marc Tommasi. Fiedler Random Fields: A Large-Scale Spectral Approach to Statistical Network Modeling. In proceedings of NIPS 2012.
  • Antonino Freno, Mikaela Keller, Gemma C. Garriga, Marc Tommasi. Spectral Estimation of Conditional Random Graph Models for Large-Scale Network data. In UAI 2012 - 28th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 2012.
  • Grégoire Laurence, Aurélien Lemay, Joachim Niehren, Slawomir Staworko, and Marc Tommasi. Normalization of Sequential Top-Down Tree-to-Word Transducers. In 5th International Conference on Language Automata Theory and Appliciations, LNCS, Tarragona, Spain, 2011. Springer.
  • François Denis, Edouard Gilbert, Amaury Habrard, Faïssal Ouardi, and Marc Tommasi. Relevant Representations for the Inference of Rational Stochastic Tree Languages. In Francois Coste, Alexander Clark, and Laurent Miclet, editors, Proceedings of the 9th International Colloquium on Grammatical Inference, volume 5278 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, pages 57–70, St Malo, France, 2008. Springer Verlag.
  • Marc Tommasi, Rémi Gilleron, Pierre Senellart, Avin Mittal, and Daniel Muschick. Automatic Wrapper Induction from Hidden-Web Sources with Domain Knowledge. In Web information and data managment, pages 9–16, Napa, United States, 2008. ACM.
  • Francois Denis, Amaury Habrard, Rémi Gilleron, Marc Tommasi, and Édouard Gilbert. On Probability Distributions for Trees: Representations, Inference and Learning. In NIPS Workshop on Representations and Inference on Probability Distributions, Whistler, Canada, 2007.
  • Rémi Gilleron, Florent Jousse, Isabelle Tellier, and Marc Tommasi. XML Document Transformation with Conditional Random Fields. In INEX 2006, volume 4518 of LNCS, Dagstuhl, Germany, December 2006.
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  • F. Denis, R. Gilleron, A. Laurent, and M. Tommasi. Text classification and co-training from positive and unlabeled examples. In Proceedings of the ICML Workshop: the Continuum from Labeled Data to Unlabeled Data in Machine Learning and Data Mining, pages 80 – 87, 2003.
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  • Francesco De Comite, Rémi Gilleron, and Marc Tommasi. Learning Multi-label Alternating Decision Trees from Texts and Data. In Azriel Rosenfeld Petra Perner, editor, International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, pages 35–49, Leipzig, Georgia, 2003. Springer.
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Other publications

  • Édouard Gilbert, Rémi Gilleron, and Marc Tommasi. Series, Weighted Automata, Probabilistic Automata and Probability Distributions for Unranked Trees. Research Report RR-7200, INRIA, February 2010.
  • Rémi Gilleron, Florent Jousse, Marc Tommasi, and Isabelle Tellier. Conditional Random Fields for XML Applications. Research Report RR-6738, INRIA, 2008.
  • Marc Tommasi. Structures arborescentes et apprentissage automatique. Hdr, Université Charles de Gaulle - Lille III, November 2006.
  • Florent Jousse, Rémi Gilleron, Isabelle Tellier, and Marc Tommasi. Champs Conditionnels Aléatoires pour l’Annotation d’Arbres. In CAp 2006, Trégastel, France, 2006.
  • F. De Comité, R. Gilleron, and M. Tommasi. Learning multi-label alternating decision trees and applications. In Gilles Bisson, editor, Proceedings of CAP‘01 : Conférence en Apprentissage Automatique, pages 195–210, 2001.
  • H. Comon, M. Dauchet, R. Gilleron, F. Jacquemard, D. Lugiez, S. Tison, and M. Tommasi. Tree automata techniques and applications. Available on:, 1997.
  • M. Tommasi. Automates et contraintes ensemblistes. PhD thesis, Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Lille, 1994.
  • M. Tommasi. Automates d’arbres avec tests d’égalité entre cousins germains. Mémoire de DEA, Univ. Lille I, 1992.