About me.


My name is Nina Santi and I'm a doctorate candidate since October 2020. I conduct my thesis under the supervision of Nathalie Mitton in the FUN team, at Inria.
I obtained a Master's degree named TIIR (Technologies for the Infrastructures of the Internet and its Robustness) at University of Lille in 2020.

You can contact me at : nina.santi@inria.fr

One a more personal note : I read a lot about neuroscience and philosophy (mostly epistemology). I also read manhwa (south korean comics, 만화) and I am on a journey to find books with the best magic systems. Oh and I love cats and tea !


Thesis :

The potential offered by the abundance of sensors, actuators and communications in IoT is hindered by the limited computational capacity of local nodes, making the distribution of computing in time and space a necessity. Several key questions need to be answered to jointly exploit the network, computing and storage resources optimally, accounting at the same time for the trade-offs guaranteeing feasibility for time-critical and mission-critical tasks. Our research takes upon these challenges, by dynamically distributing resources when the demand is rapidly time varying. This thesis falls in the context of the CHIST-ERA DRUID-NET project which goal is to smartly allocate edge computing resources for dynamic networks in order to improve the global network efficiency and reduce the energy consumption. In this context, this thesis aim at predicting edge resources requested by wireless devices and deploy accordingly some of them with mobile robots in proper locations.
Some keywords associated : Edge computing, wireless networks, robots, resource allocation

Reasearch interests :

I am broadly interested in wireless network architectures (edge computing mostly), autonomous/self-managing systems and resource management.