Natural Languages and Computer Science

I love languages, books and grammars. I am always open to learning new languages.

So far, I speak French as my mother tongue and am fluent in English. I have a Spanish level suitable for friendly conversations. I have solid basics in Japanese, Danish and Latin. I have also studied Hebrew on my own and for one year at university.

As many wannabe polyglots, I learn many languages at the same times and I am not any good at most of them. But I would love to have the opportunity to work with them more. Those are languages that I have scratched more or less deeply and that I by no mean claim to speak nor understand, but they draw in a sense a good portrait of myself.

I really like Germanic languages: Icelandic, Norwegian(s), German, Dutch (and Vlaams) and Yiddish, and the other as well. I also like Slavic languages: Czech and Russian for now. Other interesting Indo-Europeans (to me) are Ladino, Walloon, Celtic languages (Irish) and Armenian.

In Europe, I am also attracted by Finno-Ugric languages (Finnish), and Georgian. In Asia, I am interested in Korean, Tibetan and Mongol, Siberian Languages, Ainu and Turkic languages. I have also attended some MOOC of Mandarin chinese. I also happen to learn Malagasy, an Austronesian language. In the rest of the world, I am interested in Amharic and other Semitic languages (Arabic) as well as other African languages families. I would like one day to learn more about Berber languages.

I never really had the time and ressources to learn any North American Language, whether Inuktitut, Mohawk, Lakota or any other. The same is true for languages from South America, Australia and Papua. But because of my cultural background, I have an inclination toward West Indies English Creols, amongst which Jumiekan Patwa has a special place.

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firefox I am a Ph.D student in natural language processing and computer science at Inria Lille (France).